Welcome to R.R.

Welcome to the revolution, ROTARY REVOLUTION! This is where the finest Rotary engine racers on vDream meet. Here you can feel free to post your rides, (RX-7’s & 8’s), talk about your setups, and share the rotary love! We do hold competitions here, but they are exclusive to members only.

Team Guidlines

1.Keep profanity to a minimum

2.Other teams can feel free to post here as well, just please do not antagonize or threaten any of the members please. We like to be peaceful here so we expect the same from visitors. Thank you in advance…

3.This is an Rotary thread, please try to keep any other cars to a minimum, (especially non-members).

4.You must change your name and add “(r.r.)” to the end of it to represent you are in the race club. If you remove it you will be removed from the club

5. Spammers will be reported to forum admins, so please don’t

6. You must actively participate and watch this thread. also must join the FB group, Myspace Thread site or the Bebo site in order to recieve notices from the admins.

~Rotary Revolution

Note: Read this before asking to join.

Tournament participation is required for “Basic Members” if you miss one you must compete in the next or your name will be removed from the club until you begin to participate

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